Calling all musicians! We can use your old, busted or unused strings! We accept donations of string from any kind of guitar or string instrument. The condition and gauge doesn't matter, we are experimenting with all types and are constantly coming up with new ways to use different colors and gages. And we can clean up pretty much any dirty old string and make it look new again! We even use the fastener "rings" that are left on the frets when they pop. We've been using them as beads!

One of the perks of donating to ReStrung is that you'll get some FREE MARKETING. In addition to giving you a write up and link on our website, we will also feature you and your music in our blog and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

So, if you'd like to donate, please shoot us AN EMAIL and we will either send you a self-addressed stamped envelope, or arrange a pick up if you are local. Of course, you can always invite us to a gig - we'd love to see you perform! If you are ready to ship some strings right away, please include your name and address on the package (and any other info if you'd like us to credit you on our musicians page) and send to:

ReStrung Jewelry | P.O. Box 792615 |  New Orleans, LA 70179